Fun with Paint!

The nursery have been printing with paint. P12 have been looking at symmetry with paint. P567 have been looking at the work of Van Gogh and worked in groups to create abstract ‘Starry Night’ paintings!



This week, we welcomed Guy Bolton -King into our class. He is working with the class on a 4 week block of STEM activities, using tiny computers, called ‘micro-bits’

These attach via a USB to our computers.  This leads on from Sandy Donaldsons’s input on coding with the class.

We love having parents coming in to share their skills.! DYW Teanassie Style!


Farm to Fork!

Making butter, pizza dough and learning about life on the croft. We learned about the pigs, the crops that feed the pigs, the Shetland cows and got a chance to make flour. We were learning how to make farming more sustainable and how to use less oil.

But the hi-light – Karen gave us all a shot in the electric rickshaw!! ❤️


P12 hard at work!

Miss Surgeoner has P12 writing their numbers, letters and sounds all over the classroom, from on the carpet with chalk to in trays of coloured sand or shaving foam! Creative and fun ways to develop motor control. It’s such an important part of early childhood development.


P567 filmmakers

On Thursday, P567 went back up to the Shieling  to complete a film making project with Dr Sam Harrison. The children had previously collected plants to dye wool and made felt puppets and also made outdoor sets, in order to create a short film about life in the past. This was part of a bigger class project to place an importance on spoken literacy and to take it into the outdoors. ❤️the Shieling Project