Fun with Paint!

The nursery have been printing with paint. P12 have been looking at symmetry with paint. P567 have been looking at the work of Van Gogh and worked in groups to create abstract ‘Starry Night’ paintings!


Hundred Square Fundraiser

Hundred Square
Each term one school from the cluster will be offering squares for sale on a Hundred Square Board as a fundraiser for the school. This term it will be Dochgarroch.
Each square will cost £5 with a 1st Prize of £100, 2nd Prize of £50 and 3rd Prize £25, these figures will be dependent on all squares being sold, if not then prize money will worked out pro rata.

If you would like to buy a square, please email me, joan.mack@highland.gov.uk and send the payment into the school office. If you have a number preference we will do our best to accommodate but if that number is taken you will be allocated another number.

This is open to everyone so please tell friends and family 🙂
The square is now open for business 
Winning numbers will be drawn on Thursday 12th December.